FPK launches CrowdFunding project

FPK launches CrowdFunding project

You can go direct to our Indiegogo CrowdFunding Launch.

Since 2001, this small-but-mighty organization has enriched the lives of more than 2500 Kids across the GTA. This coming year is set to be a year of major growth for FPK. In 2015, FPK wants to grow our flagship Ready, Set, Goal! program by 50% to ensure that many more children and youth can have the opportunity to experience their own possibilities.

To this end, two of our own FPK volunteer KidCoaches have initiated a leading edge, grassroots “Crowdfunding” campaign through Indiegogo, aiming to raise $20,000 during the month of May. You can help today! Go to our Indiegogo page here…

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