Possibility Room Post

Possibility Room Post

Possibility Thinking right from our community

Earlier this week, we shared a resource with families in mind and Kids at the centre, to help navigate all the changes with COVID-19.

We have been thinking about how else we can help.

Here at FPK, Ready, Set, Goal! has gone virtual, and calls between Kids and KidCoaches have been uninterrupted providing some much needed continuity and moments of connection. We wanted to create a space in which YOU could be a part of that FPK magic – a time to be inspired by the young people in your communities, and those who cheer them on.

Join us this Tuesday March 24th at 7:00pm, for half an hour in the Possibility Room – a space for us to connect, hear stories from Kids and our awesome volunteers and staff, and just take a break from the world.

Click here to register for an RSG! Info Session

There is so much good happening, and you deserve to be a part of it. Be sure to register, so you can set aside time for some Possibility Thinking in FPK’s Possibility Room!