Exciting News from FPK

Exciting News from FPK

Exciting News from FPK!

FPK has some exciting news to share!

Leading up to our 20th Anniversary, we learned that our mission statement needed to reflect the impact of our programs on children and their leadership journey, and what makes FPK so special. Based on this, and feedback from the community, here is our new mission statement:

Coaching children to believe in themselves and lead community change.

While the focus of our programs and services remain the same, this new mission statement explains what we do in a clear and inspiring way. We hope it resonates with you, too!

FPK’s Future Direction

So much has happened since we began 20 years ago. We have changed. We have grown.

In the last 2 years especially, we have faced challenges. We have overcome them to meet the needs of children, families, and communities.

After seeing the success, results, and feedback from the community about the virtual program, and seeing that we have something special here, moving forward our programs will remain virtual!

This virtual path will:

  • Create opportunities to reach children outside of the GTA, and throughout Ontario in remote and rural communities
  • Better support digital skills development and technology access for children and their families.
  • Remove any physical barriers for children and volunteers to participate in our programs. 
  • Continue to provide consistent programming and connection that children can rely on.

While weekly phone calls between Kids and volunteers have continued uninterrupted, the shift from in-person to virtual Activity Days is definitely a change and we understand it played a role in the program experience.

Using feedback before, during, and after the program demonstrated that the program with virtual Activity Days was just as effective as the program with in-person Activity Days. With that feedback, and some Possibility Thinking, we will continue to find ways to create meaningful connection, strengthen relationships, and support our community as forge this new virtual path.

We are excited for you to be part of this journey as we look towards the next chapter of FPK! If you have any questions, please reach out via email to Rickesh Lakhani, Executive Director at rickesh@prev.fpcanada.org.