Our Programs

Future Possibilities for Kids is happy to provide year-round youth leadership opportunities through our programs:

Ready, Set, Goal!

Ready, Set, Goal! is a free leadership program for Kids ages 9-12.  Over the course of six months (November to May) Kids will develop life skills through meaningful goals that impact their communities.  Our program matches trained volunteers called “KidCoaches” who provide one-to-one support through 24 weekly phone calls and 4 virtual Activity Days.

Throughout the program, Kids have a safe space to build strong connections with their KidCoach and other program participants.  While they work towards a Goal of Contribution that will have a positive impact in their community, Kids build self-confidence, and develop their creative thinking skills, all while learning what it means to be a leader.

Check out some past Goals of Contributions at  https://www.popfest.ca/

Ready, Set, Connect!

Ready, Set, Connect! is a 2 week summer virtual leadership development program designed to empower children between the ages of 9-12 from communities across Ontario. Through daily interactive activities and guided discussions lead by a supportive Program Leader, Ready, Set, Connect! aims to provide participants with the opportunity to connect with other Kids, build teamwork and problem-solving skills, and become leaders as they enhance their community awareness. 

Camp Contribution

Camp Contribution is a free two-week summer day camp for Kids ages 9 – 12. Our summer camp is special in that it empowers Kids to make an impact in their community by igniting the belief that they can make a difference. Here, Kids will engage in many fun and interactive experiences that allow them to gain a better understanding of their community, their world, and ultimately themselves. Get ready to see where the possibilities will take them!